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Ways You Add Value to Your Brand

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You can offer tremendous value to people beyond just your product. Here is a list of things you can think about and see which you might already do but don’t communicate!

September 10, 2019 20:01


Different people value different things. And if you look at your audiences values the right way, you might find they might all value something in common. Marty Neumeier came up with a great list with ways your brand is valuable beyond just the product itself.

Authenticity: offer the real thing
Availability: Make it easy to get anywhere, anytime
Belonging: Offer a sense of community
Clarity: Make it very easy to understand
Certainty: Remove all the doubt its benefits
Control: Put the customer in charge
Curation: Act as a tastemaker on behalf of customers
Delight: deliver more than reliability
Findability: make it easy to see, choose, or discover
Flexibility: Be eager to accommodate requests
Guidance: Add support, learning, or interpretation
Hope: offer a chance at future success
Immediacy: give quick delivery or priority access
Inclusiveness: allow customers to contribute
Lightness: eliminate weight or density
Optimism: make customers feel positive
Patronage: Help customers support a cause
Personalization: let customers configure their purchases
Protection: keep customers safe from physical harm
Simplicity: streamline the product or purchase
Speed: help customers save time
Style: incorporate beauty or personality
Surprise: disrupt expectations
Symbolism: Help build customers identities

Apple is shown in the picture above because they do a great job at offering simplicity and belonging. Also, I am not an apple fanboy, they are just easy to make examples out of!

Think about which of these you might offer and figure out how you can communicate it!



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