Connecting the dots between strategy and action

A gamma ray burst is the brightest object in the sky. We businesses and people can shine brightest for the people they aim to serve. We bring out personality and don’t shy away from it. Our goal is clear communication, powerful branding and simple systems for growth.

Our Values

We love our work and get excited about solving problems. But, here are some of the things we value. We don't stray away from these values. It is what keeps us excited and doing our best work.

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We don't just jump into something without first taking step back and processing it. Rushing to a solution can be a waste of resources.

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We don't pretend to be people we aren't. If something isn't in our area of expertise, we will be honest about it. If we feel we aren't the right fit, we will let you know. We will also be ourselves with everything we do. Nobody likes someone wo is pretending.

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We really mean it when we say collaborate. We work together to build something that is going to work for you, your team or organization. You are the expert in your business and we lean in on that.

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Creativity isn't just about art or making something look nice. It is about bringing unique perspective to problems and making creative solutions.

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Sometimes, the normal way of doing something isn't going to work. We aren't afraid of trying something new, of testing ideas and pushing boundries.

Open Minded
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Ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. We all have something to bring to the table and we don't shut out each others input. If you have a fantastic idea, we will run with it!

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Treat others as you would like to be treated. Sometimes, you just need a project done and that is cool. But we will be friendly while doing it. We've made great friendships with people we worked with. I don't think you really want to work with someone you would hate to hangout with.

Our team

picture of Josiah drinking coffee
Josiah Duenes
Jedi Master General

Josiah is a strategist and multidisciplinary designer. He loves problem solving and finding the simplist way to achieve and outcome.

Portrait of Alex
Alex Perez
Jedi Knight Commander

Alex is a content creator that loves to bring fun into his work. He is skilled behind the lens, telling stories and bringing joy to those who watch his content.

Portrait of Elijah
Elijah Duenes
Jedi Padawan Commander

Elijah is multidisciplinary designer with skill behind the camera and abstract design. His thoughtful eye and approach to design lends to unique perspectives.

Portrait of Esla
Esla Garcia
Jedi Knight Commander

Esla is a fun UI/UX designer and animator that creates fun experiences. Her energy shows in her work! However, her design isn’t limited to interfaces, as she can bring your brand identity to life.

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