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We are an adventurous studio that focuses on creating a brand based off strategy,research and personality. People love you and your personality should shine through your brand in order to align with its consumers. We create clarity and focus. We don't design in a vacuum.

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We help personalities reach who they serve best by simplifying your brand in the best ways possible. We challenge you to be specific in order to set yourself apart and be more efficient with your strategies to grow. Showing how you are unique for a specific someone makes your life simpler. Doesn't simplifying your brand and business sound nice?

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"The strategy workshop was the perfect way to get us started! It allowed us to develop & flesh out all the ideas we had and categorize them! The strategy workshop is the perfect way to make you go deeper and truly get to the root of who, what, how, and why your brand exists!"

Natalie Maldonado

I was convinced we had chosen the right man for our rebranding job from the first meeting with our team. Josiah had done his research on our non-profit and was prepared to ask the right questions to guide our discussion. The first logo he presented pretty much followed our discussion, but the team was not satisfied with it on paper. Josiah worked patiently with us until the plan was unanimously accepted. As we were implementing the proposal, Josiah was available, virtually or in person to assist staff in getting started. He responded immediately to phone calls or emails. Our organization is pleased with the process and outcome. I highly recommend Gamma Design.

Anson Nash
Executive Director - Corpus Christ Baptist Association

"They have always been there for us and have made the entire process simple and informative. They made great suggestions as well for the site to better suite our needs. They have also been very fast with responses, updates, or tweaks!"

Joe David Garza
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Corpus Christi Baptist Association - A New Direction for a New Age

The Corpus Christi Baptist Association was struggling getting people involved and excited about the association. They wanted to make more of an impact with the churches they help and the community. With the association being 107 years old, there was a lot of heritage and information to fallback on to take into account. We had to go back to the beginning with brand strategy that led to identity design and a new website to help with their new goals.

Breakthrough Church - A Church That Meets The Culture

Many of the church's goals are to reach everyone. Breakthrough Church was frustrated with that mentality and in doing so, there were people that were getting left out from not being able to find a home church. Breakthrough’s goal was to reach them and use their passions that met the people’s culture.

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