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Suprise and Delight Case Study

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Topic: Branding

If you read last week’s reading, you know that we talked about delight. Here, we provide an example of delight in the real world.

October 28, 2019 14:36

Josiah Duenes

If you read last week’s reading, you know that we talked about delight. Here is a quick definition if you didn’t get to read last week's writing.

Delight is a small gesture that creates some sort of joy when a customer or user is least expecting it.

This example is with Grind Coffee Ministry. You can learn some more about them on our website under our work. Grind Coffee is a ministry that focuses on balancing life through the daily grind through relationships and experiences. The Grind operates out of Believe Church and uses all the funds to give back to other ministries and keep themselves supplied. No one profits from the coffee.

One thing we decided to do with Grind Coffee is to have scriptures or uplifting but funny sayings on the sleeves. It is a small gesture that no one expects, but people are super thrilled to see.

In this example, not only did we get some social sharing, which is always nice, but the in-person experience put the cherry on top. Clay noticed the saying on the sleeve and read it. Once he finished, he started laughing hysterically! Seeing Clay enjoy something so much was amazing!

He wasn't the only one that enjoyed the saying. Others have posted about them or mentioned something in person after receiving their cup as well. It is the times where they least expect it that you can make the biggest difference. This might not be a novel idea and I am sure others have done something similar before, but it was new to Corpus Christi and it fits with the brand's vision and personality.



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