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Making your Vision Inclusive

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Topic: Branding

Everyone is passionate about something

September 10, 2020 8:38

Josiah Duenes

Over the past two years, a cause has been more and more important to me and the projects I work on.

Human beings want to feel a part of something. We crave the feeling of belonging and enjoy being part of a group. Recently there has been a lot of talk of being an inclusive company with race and people, but this is about having an inclusive cause.

Having a cause that is bigger than ourselves will serve as an invitation for others to join in advancing it. A simple promise to "change the world" or "make an impact" won't cut it. And a declaration to "be the best" is too finite and can't possibly be maintained.

It is called vision because it is something we can only see with our eyes closed. We need to paint a clear picture of the kind of impact we will make or what exactly a better world will look like. Painting the vision clearly lets employees, customers, and investors get on board.  They will be more passionate about your brand and commit their energy to a clear cause.

Everyone is passionate about something.



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