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How to Structure a Website Homepage

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90 Percent of people leave your website within 10 seconds. It’s a harsh reality in today’s fast paced world. People want their information and they want it fast. Try this homepage layout to minimize that statistic for your brand or company. 

August 23, 2019 15:30


90 percent of people leave your site within 10 seconds.

That is a pretty scary statistic, but unfortunately, it is the real world. People want they are looking for and they want it fast. Thankfully, there is a way to help get this statistic lower for you and we are going to tell you how.

This layout helps you tell your brand story. Think of it as a book. There is always a solid beginning, middle and end. This is how we want to treat your website. It has to tell the story of your product, brand, or service.

Value Proposition

This is the section that reels someone in. It gives them a taste of what you are selling. It is what makes it attractive to someone. This can be a version of your positioning or some other statement that sets you apart

Social Proof

This section is where you get to show off a bit. Reviews for your product go here. Maybe places you have been featured or companies you have done work for. This is to give you credibility and allow people to take you seriously. This builds trust before people even get to your product. That is what you want.


DO NOT TALK ABOUT FEATURES HERE. It is important to answer questions like what does your product solve? What is in it for me? How will it make my life better? This paints of picture of how people can use your product.


Now, you can talk about specs. All the technical stuff that some people might care about.

Call to action

Here is where you tell them what to do with all that awesome information. Buy now, sign up, or call us now. Tell them what you want them to do.


This one is pretty simple. Google likes having back links to your other pages and sometimes some people use it for some extra info like contact, social pages, or sign up forms. It is an extra space to have some extra

Try looking at some other popular sites and see how they used this to set up their story. Make it yours and design and structure your site to tell your story.

Good luck!



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