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Become a Beacon for Your People

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Topic: Branding

An eye opening read on why you shouldn’t be boring if you are. Why your brand should have a personality? What are the benefits? Cons? (There aren’t any really, unless you want to be boring)

August 23, 2019 15:30


“Polarization allows you to be a beacon for your people” - Paul Jarvis

Do you like vanilla ice cream? You probably do. But, not like LOVE it (If you do, you’re boring). Just, like it. If it’s there, you’ll eat it if it's the only option. What if dark chocolate or mint chocolate chip was added next it to it? Rocky road? I am sure you would end up choosing your specialty flavor over vanilla! I would choose mint chocolate chip or double dark chocolate over anything. Vanilla is safe and unoffensive. The others are bold and offensive to some but loved and championed by others.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, brands who are vanilla ice cream are a big problem. It is mainly large ones. They have the problem of trying to please everyone by aiming at no one. Here is where you come in!

Do you have a wife, girlfriend, or best friend? No? Ok, uhhmmm, I think that is an issue. If yes, I am sure you love them first for their personality right? I would hope so! That is how you have to think of a brand. People fall in love with personalities. It would make sense to add personality into your brand right?

Correct! You have to unlearn boring. Bring in some of your personality or quirks into the brand. Make it you. Fascination in a product or service builds an emotional connection, and an emotional connection will hold attention.

Do things like take a stance on an issue or talk like how you really do in person. It can be scary to draw that line in the sand with your business, but when you do, you will be a beacon for your people, consumer, or audience. You will offend some that may have been on the fence or didn’t really care, but build champions and loyal customers for your brand when you do. You will serve those who you can serve best and those champions won’t look towards competition.

Just like Neil Armstrong is a champion for those who love space.



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