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Agility and Impact

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Topic: Strategy

Isn't agile just rushing decisions? Negative.

January 27, 2020 16:07

Josiah Duenes

Isn't agile just rushing decisions? Negative.

Being agile doesn't mean being hasty or impulsive. It is quite the opposite actually. An agile strategy helps make better, smarter decisions faster and enables teams to get to the heart of key business problems, prioritize goals, and stay true to their purpose.

Think about a long project you may have had. I know I can think of a few I have been a part of that started out at a high and overtime lost impact and interest. It soon even lead to frustration until finally completing the project or coming to a decision. Ideas were forgotten and communication was slow. I have also been in projects where there was a ton of decision paralysis due to allowing too much time in between.

Remember, an idea is useless. It needs to be executed. If you delay the execution, you have an idea that isn't worth anything to anyone until it is out there. Someone else could even beat you to it!

Brands and businesses need to constantly adapt their culture, processes, and even products to improve on them.



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